The nose is an organ located in the middle of the face, which adds a lot to the facial beauty in sense of both frontal and side aesthetics. But at the same time, it maintains to take breath, to filter particles in the air, to smell, the air to be humidified and warmed and to have our own voice. So, it is an organ which is related with aesthetics, attractiveness, health and life quality of human.

Almost until the end of 90s, the functions of nose has not been considered while the rhinoplasty is performed such as the chronic problems in the nose including deviation, nose meat or chronic sinusitis were not approached or partly approached. As a result of these surgeries the patient’s nose was getting smaller and curved at the same time it was seemingly pinched, squeezed by a peg and collapsed from the left, right and the middle roof parts because the nose is not restructured. And those patients were suffering from breathe problems and their life quality and health were being affected by this situation for almost any of these issues were not approached. The purpose is both healthy and good looking nose.

Today at the point where the rhinoplasty philosophy is evolved, the objective of the surgery is to achieve both a beautiful and an appealing nose as well as open airways that enhance our quality of life. The pretty nose is also a healthy nose. The healthy nose is already pretty.

As an Otorhinolaryngology specialist, I examined the nose of thousands of patients over the past decade and to my experiences I can frankly say that the majority of cases with nasal congestion complaints are almost always accompanied by one or more problems related with the external structure of the nose. So the external structure of the nose affects breathing.

More specifically, our nose must have a certain shape to be healthy. Thus, you cannot breathe normally with a nose that externally curved, crooked or receded side walls seemingly squeezed by a peg. Likewise, when the healthy breathing noses are examined the most often found that the long axis of the nose is flat, the tip is at the normal level, the side walls are not particularly squeezed and it is strong in the region called nasal valve.

Consequently, the two main areas that create a healthy nose are external and internal structures of the nose. The aim of the rhinoplsty should focus on flourishing the nose in a healthy way. I call it healthy nose concept and I mean actually constructing a nose structure that aesthetically in harmony with face as it becomes a natural and beautiful nose at the same time it improves the health and quality of life.

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