Every year thousands of people who want to change the physical appearance consult to doctors to nose surgery. Some part of these people does not like their natural nose shape while the others suffer from distortion or curvature caused by an impact on the nose. These complaints are often accompanied by nasal congestion. As a result of these, rhinoplasty emerges as the most commonly performed aesthetic surgery in our country.

Located in the middle of the face, nose is a significant structure that visually interacts with other parts of the face such as eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and the chin. According to me, the most significant factor that affecting the facial beauty is the shape of the nose. Considering that we are face to face with each other in human relations, the proportion and the harmony of nose to other parts of the face is indispensable for the facial beauty. At the same time, nose maintains to take breath, to smell, the air to be humidified and warmed to and to have our own voice. In short, nose is not only an essential part of the facial beauty, but also is a part of body which carries out important missions in terms of human health.

A nose that structured poorly also functions poorly. It means, patients suffering from a nose that curved, crooked, receded side walls with squeezed like shape or curvetted intranasal bone cannot breathe normally. The patients with nasal congestion cannot be treated neither functionally nor aesthetically unless the intranasal and aesthetical structure is corrected simultaneously.

Today we approach inside and outside of the nose as a whole. As a result of this, the curvature of the nasal bone which prevents breathing should be evaluated before rhinoplasty and the presence of curvature has to be corrected at the same surgery. Eliminating these disorders is not only very important in terms of functionality but also in terms of aesthetics.

The aim of the operation

Deformities of the nose affects your appearance by disrupting the own harmony in your face. Disrupts your health by causing nasal congestion and as a result of these it can affect your psychology and self confidence in human relations. Here rhinoplasty is done in order to solve all these problems. So, through rhinoplasty we aim to create a nose structure which is natural looking and compliant with other parts of your face (eyes, eyebrows, mouth and chin) at the same time we treat the causes of nasal congestion.

What can be done with rhinoplasty?

With rhinoplasty, the arched nose can be corrected, the lower nose tip can be lifted up, the upper nose can be normalised, the area between the root of the nose and the forehead can be filled if the root of the nose is positioned down which causes the nose appearance shorter than the normal. The distance between the upper lip and nose can be shortened if longer and we can extend if shorter. We can get the crooked nose to the midline. We can shrink the nostrils and wings of nose. If the tip of the nose is shaped like a ball or seemed thick we can make it thinner or if it is in squeezed like shape we can expand. We come ahead to the operational phase by planning in which extent and how much the patient needs these changes and what to do exactly during the operation.

If you do not like and want to improve the shape of your nose, if you have a bony nose that causes nasal congestion, if you think that there is a mismatch between the tip, mid and the root of your nose when you look at the mirror, you are a candidate for rhinoplasty. If you are wondering whether the rhinoplasty improves your appearance, self confidence and health you should know how this surgery is done and what can be your expectations. In order to understand these you need to refer to an experienced specialist of Otolaryngology or Plastic Surgery.

The first requirement for a successful aesthetic surgery is the healthy relationship between the doctor and patient. Doctors should completely and exactly understand the expectations of patients, discuss the rationality of these expectations with them and patients should completely and exactly understand what can the doctor do about it.

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