Breathing quality is very important for human health. The nose is the only way for people’s physiologically normal breathing. Mouth breathing causes dryness in upper and lower respiratory tract starting from the mouth and this situation is a predisposing factor for many diseases such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and asthma.

One of the frequent causes of nasal congestion that we encounter is the “nasal septum” which is the curvature of the structure that separating the two nasal cavities from each other as a wall and consisting of cartilage in the behind and covered with a thin bone in the front.

These curvatures occur usually as a result of the face is pressed during birth; the growth and appearance of cartilage cracks that may occur during the newborn period and a pulse that subsequently taken to the nose.


The first requirement of a healthy breathing is a properly structured nasal septum. The curvatures of nasal septum cause severe nasal congestion either by itself or together with other causes of nasal congestion. In addition, these curvatures in nasal septum also appear externally and cause to form “crooked nose”. Because of nasal congestion, patients are unable to breathe and sleep comfortably at the same time they experience social problems related with impaired physical appearance such as lack of self-esteem, shyness and being ridiculed.

In such cases inside and outside of the nose can be reshaped through aesthetic nose surgery which enables both reshaping external curvature and the patient to take healthy breathing. Already today it is widely accepted that the correction of the septum is the key for an aesthetic nose surgery with successful outcomes. In all scientific meetings and publications it is indicated that aesthetic nasal surgery cannot bear natural and good results without reshaping of the nasal bone curvature. I also reshape nasal bone absolutely in all my aesthetic nasal surgeries so that I contribute both to the improvement of the patient’s appearance and his/her breathing.

Aufricht “where the septum goes, there goes nose”

Nasal bone curvature is sometimes accompanied by nose roof stenosis (internal valve stenosis) or weakness of the lateral nasal wall (external valve stenosis). In such cases, the side walls of the nose should be strengthened simultaneously in the operation that the nasal bones are corrected. If the patient would like that a problem related with the appearance of nose to be corrected then the nasal aesthetics, support of the nasal bones, nose roof and side walls can be performed in the same operation.

The surgery can be performed with general or local anesthesia depending on the choice of the patient and the doctor. I do all my surgeries under general anesthesia. If the operation is made only to correct the nasal bones, it takes between 30 minutes-45 minutes. If the operation will include reduction of nasal polyps or sinus surgery then the operation time is prolonged.

After the surgery, I embed air active silicone nose pads into the nose so that the patient can also breathe through these pads in post-operation period. Patients can perform desk jobs with these pads in their nose. Thanks to this new technology, patients also feel very comfortable when these pads are removed.

If you have prolonged nasal congestion problems, if your breathing feels not sufficient, if you have pharyngitis attacks for a long time due to oral breathing, your sleep patterns are broken due to nasal congestion, if you have snoring … Always consult an Otolaryngology specialist.

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