The outer ear or “pinna” forms when the baby is growing in the mother’s womb. It takes up to 5-6 years of development, and again it takes its final shape at these ages. The disorder called prominent ear usually forms as a result of the extensive growth of concha which is a bowl shaped part of pinna placed closer side of the head and increase the angle between pinna and head or failure to form of folds on pinna.

Children are the group that experience the biggest trouble with ear deformities. Children in school age are often given names by peers such as in “satellite”, “shovel”, “Mickey Mouse” and they become the derision among peers.

So, if the question is prominent ear surgery our motto should be “HOW EARLY, SO GOOD”.

In preoperative stage this situation should be explained to the child and also his/her approval must be taken.

Children’s surgery has to be made under general anaesthesia and it must be carried out at the hospital. Children should stay one night in the hospital and should be monitored frequently through dressing.

I have the children worn headband 2-4 days after surgery. This band is only opened during the dressing process. After the 4th day, only dressing remains on the ear. The stitches behind the ear are removed at the end of the first week. Patients need to use antibiotics (in form of syrup) for at least 10 days during this process. If there is a pain I give my patients pain-killers in form of syrup. I recommend wearing a headband when lying for 2 months after the surgery.

Application of parents to a Plastic Surgeon or Otolaryngology specialist about prominent ears surgery will help making decision about what can be good for their children both from aesthetic and psychological perspectives.

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