Concha growth is one of the most important and the most common cause of nasal congestions. Types of concha consist of three parts, including lower, middle and upper conchas. Nasal congestion and difficulties in breathing emerges as a result of growth of lower concha while the tendency to frequently recurrent sinusitis and chronic sinusitis occurs as a result of growth of middle concha. Surgical treatment in concha growth should be used in cases that the necessary medication does not result in healing.

The causes of concha growth:

  • Allergic concha growth
  • The growth of concha due to a shift in the nasal bone.
  • Structural defects in conchas.

The surgical intervention to be made to concha should not target concha as the whole and not be a destructive application instead it should be, protective (by preserving the sheath that surrounds the concha called nasal mucosa) and be partial. The reason for this is that the concha and the sheath that surrounds the concha have very important tasks for the functioning of the nose.

Life Quality begins with breath.

Surgical intervention is necessary in cases where the healing is not achieved despite the medical treatment. Operations should be made in a full-fledged hospital with endoscopic methods and by using the most advanced techniques. Concha surgery can be done together with the other nose operations. In addition, concha reduction can be done by high technology radiofrequency method. This method enables the reduction of concha in clinical conditions or at the same time with other nose surgeries (especially with aesthetic rhinoplasty). After this application patients were not detected to have severe pain and in order to eliminate the complaints painkillers are sufficient.

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