In my professional experiences almost half of the patients admitted to me with prominent ear complaints were in the adult age group. Adult patients often want this surgery in addition to other surgeries like rhinoplasty. Thus, while having a more natural nose they can also get rid of the prominent ear complaint which exists since childhood.

In adult patients ears are not only pulled back but also they can be reduced or can be made more symmetrical.

Here the patients need to understand that the ear cartilage of adult patients is thicker and harder than children because of this, reshaping the ear of adults is not as easy as children.

Among the patients admitted to me the number of men and women who cannot make their hair bun, ashamed of their ears after exit from pool-sea or prolong their hair are not really small at all. This shows us that this situation does not just affect the psychology of children it also affects the psychology of adults.

A healthy communication between doctor and patient based on mutual trust is essential for a successful surgery. Patients should understand the procedure and know how the surgery will be done. Besides, expectations must be realistic, as in all plastic surgery. Selection of a good and experienced surgeon is very important for the surgical results in this surgery.

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