All types of deformities in the shape of pinna is called as “Prominent Ear” which can occur due to various reasons and treated in different ways.

Prominent ear is characterised by the deformity of pinna which collects the sound waves of outside world and transmits to the inner ear, and its abnormally large angle with the head. The pinna is made of cartilage structure and has its own unique shape.

This situation can affect people psychologically from childhood and especially in childhood it can lead to social problems which may also affect the future lives of these people. Actually, children may be very cruel against their peers with prominent ears.

Therefore, in actual it is a bigger problem than it seems. I sadly learned from my patients who apply to me with the complaint of prominent ear how they became an object of ridicule in childhood and what problems they encountered in adolescence.

There are number of methods have been developed for prominent ear correction surgery to date and the results of these operations are pretty good.

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