You do not like the way your nose and you want to improve your appearance. Or you have nasal congestion problems and you would like undergo an aesthetic nasal surgery at the same session. But, who will be your doctor, according to which criteria you should make the choice of doctor?

I should say from the beginning that the price of surgery must be among the last criteria to be noticed in this issue, because rhinoplasty surgery is not a “standard” operation that each surgeon performs the same. It is a “tailor-made” surgery which requires a separate and special planning for each patient. This operation unlike all other operations entails a special interest of surgeon and requires a healthy dialogue with the patient before and after, at all stages of the process.

This process begins with the first meeting with your doctor and is like going on a long trip with your doctor to improve your appearance. The main objective of this trip is to improve the patient’s appearance as a result of the operation and to allow the doctor to be satisfied with his work. That’s why choosing the right doctor is very important for your health as well as your outlook in the future.


I think the first and the healthiest way to look for the right doctor is to talk to people around you who have been previously operated and to take into account their advice.

Ninety percent of patients come to me in this way with advice from my patients that I operated before. Thus, you can see the work alive and get information about all phases of the operation from the one who experienced the surgery. How good the dialogue established between the patient and doctor and the patient’s satisfaction becomes clear from the first sentence, referring to the doctor and the gestures appear in the face.

Another way that can help you to choose the doctor is to consult doctors to whom you know from other branches or the people working in the health field. Because of these people always work in hospital environment they know who is good at which operation. They can provide guidance about the experience and the skill level of the doctor. Another source that frequently used for the choice of doctor is the Internet. Information about all diseases and all operations is as close as a click to us. Each day new sites are added on Internet about aesthetic surgery and in every site the patient information sections are available. Although Internet is very useful for people who want to be informed about surgeries, it is confusing with respect to the choice of doctor. Because there are many sites that resemble each other. In this sense, I would like to share my own thoughts about the necessary characteristics of a right doctor in aesthetic rhinoplasty area.

Plastic Surgeon Vs Otolaryngologist ?

First, I must emphasize that rhinoplasty today is performed by both aesthetic facial surgery department which is the upper specialisation of otolaryngology and by general plastic surgeons all over the world. Also in our country there are numbers of plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists who make this surgery very successfully. But above all, either plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist, the most important things to be considered in the aesthetic rhinoplasty are the surgeon’s personal experience, the aesthetical approach and dexterity. Because no matter what the doctor’s branch, if the nose is unnatural, non-compatible with the other elements of the face, unable maintain the structural integrity, consisted of curvatures and irregularities in the long term, it cannot be considered as a successful outcome.

Besides, when you choose your doctor you should consider that your nose is not only associated with your physical appearance but also it is the first requirement for a healthy breath.

According to me the right doctor in Rhinoplasty:

  • At first, should have been received a detailed training on nasal anatomy and physiology.
  • Should be familiar with the nasal functions and the treatment of all diseases of the nose (ie. needs to be able to improve breathing while making the aesthetics of the nose or should be able to treat sinusitis in the same session).
  • Should be experienced in all types of nose surgeries including the simple nasal bone surgery to endoscopic sinus surgery and most complex aesthetic rhinoplasty surgeries. In short, he/she should have done a lot of surgeries.
  • Should analyze the nose properly, share whatever he/she plans to do during the interview with the patient and should be realistic.
  • Should follow the latest developments about aesthetic rhinoplasty surgery in the world through the scientific publications, visit domestic and international conferences and develop himself / herself continuously.
  • Should listen and fully understand the expectations of the patient, should explain the limitations, risks and possible complications of the surgery and ensure that the patient is well informed.
  • Should be able to demonstrate examples from the previous surgeries (with permission from the patients) and to help you to communicate with former patients in request.
  • Should have the same enthusiasm in each operation, should plan operations beforehand and should not see any case as an easy or simple operation because there is no simple nasal surgery.
  • Should develop his/ her aesthetic point of view and especially follow every branch of the visual arts.
  • Should always follow the quote “Perfect is the enemy of good” and should always aim to achieve the “excellent” for the patients.

Finally, my recommendation to you is that whether you contact your doctor via a friend or a relative or via the Internet, trust to your doctor is the most important thing to consider in this case. Ask from your doctor to explain you with all the details what will be done, what cannot be done, risks of the operation, possible complications and their solutions. If you feel that you still precisely trust your doctor, it means that you are in the right place.


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