Rhinoplasty emerges as the most commonly performed aesthetic surgery in Turkey. When it comes to aesthetic surgery, generally women come to the mind. This situation can be applied to other types of plastic surgeries related with the face and the body. However, when it comes to nose the situation alters. Because the number of male patients that have themselves made aesthetic rhinoplasty are almost equal to females.

Males also have themselves made aesthetic nose operations. Above all, nose is a significant organ that enables breathing and is exactly associated with human health. Besides, it is also an important organ in terms of physical appearance. The shape of the nose can change the person’s expression very substantially. For example, a drooping nose tip or an arched nose may show people are tired, nervous and fastidious.

The patients that apply for aesthetic nose surgery consists of about 25% with nasal congestion problems, 25% with patients that only apply with aesthetic reasons and 50% percent of patients with both of the causes above.

The most important issue to be considered when making nose to male rhinoplasty patients is avoiding female nose in males. Because of the concept of beauty for men and women are very different. In female patients, we try to make the back of nose very slightly curved and to adjust the angle between the nose tip and lips more than 90 degrees. In short, we can say that a lifted nose characterised by slight cavities is the ideal nose shape for women.

As for the characteristics of the ideal male nose;

Back of the nose should be straight, it must not be hollow. The angle of the nose tip with the lip should be 90 degrees. If it is lifted upper then it gives the man a womanish style. As I said before, we aim to make the nose of man by protecting the masculine facial features, but at the same time by correcting curvatures, arches and drooping nose tips.


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